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Abolition of the Associate Members Upgrading Scheme

21 Jul 2011


The Upgrading Scheme launched on 1 January 2009 for Associate Members to be upgraded to Full Members (Practising) or Full Members was abolished on 21 July 2011 upon the launching of the new Professional Qualification Framework and the new Membership Regime of TMA. 
However, TMA Associate Members who had passed the ACI Model Code Examination before the above date but have not met fully the following criteria yet will only be upgraded to TMA Full Members when they have done so:  


(a)           At least two years’ working experience in the treasury markets or financial institutions;

(b)           Being a TMA Associate Member for at least two years. and

(c)           At least 5 CPT credits gained per year from 1 January 2009 or the date of first date of joining TMA as an Associate Member, including the year of application for upgrading.

(d)           All other TMA Associate Members will have to pass the TMA Level II training: Graduate Certificate Programme for upgrading to TMA Full Members.

If there are any enquiries on the
above new arrangements, please contact the TMA Office at 2543 7668 or by email at



TMA Office



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